Leslie Weaver is a mixed media artist born and raised in Columbus, GA. She currently resides in the Charleston, SC area with her husband and two daughters. Leslie is a self-taught artist, who left her career as a social worker/counselor in 2016 to pursue art full time. She is primarily known for her female portraits.

Art has always been a part of Leslie's life since childhood. She recalls spending many hours in her elementary school years drawing faces and figures. It wasn't until she picked up a paintbrush in 2011, at the age of 32, that she felt the magic of creating again. Her work is described as feminine and playful. She is inspired by primarily by fashion and the various moods that it can evoke through color, texture, pattern and form.

Leslie’s work has been featured in a variety of online blogs such as the popular Decor8, and she has collaborated with retail brands such as Anthropologie and Papyrus.