Her Softer Side

Welcome to my first blog post as Leslie Weaver Art! I blogged for a little while many moons ago when I first started painting, but that was a different time and a different Leslie;) My goal here is to share a little more about myself and what inspires my work, in addition to new things happening with my business. If you have taken the time to read this today, thank you and welcome! 

P.S. a short detailed summary about me and my art can be found on my About page here :)

"Her Softer Side" acrylic on paper 18x24in

May I be honest for a moment? Aging has really taken a toll on my emotional psyche. This past summer I turned 39 years old. The mix of hormonal fluctuations, physical changes (hello wrinkles and gray hair patches) working out a  marriage, raising young children and running a business all while staying "creatively free" can get pretty overwhelming. I've often felt the expression of my female portraits can sometimes take on my current emotional state, and it's always interesting and a bit humorous when my audience sees that also. I have never been good at hiding how I feel...even though I put extra effort in trying on social media. In today's painting session, instead of fighting my myriad of emotions while painting I simply decided to accept them. Surrender to the softness that comes with just letting go and accepting change. There are moments in time where this is easy for me and other times not so much. Today was an easier day.

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